Tom Kristensen and PREGO Eyewear join forces on exclusive sunglass line

In 2014, Tom Kristensen retired from motor sports after 24 power-packed years as a professional racing driver. In 2016, a new chapter will be added to the story of this successful Dane as co-designer of a new series of men’s sunglasses from Danish eyewear company PREGO.

Former racing driver Tom Kristensen is the epitome of the modern man in the year 2015. As one of the most successful racing drivers in the world, he is an icon for generations of men with petrol in their veins. Tom Kristensen is also one of the most well-dressed men in Scandinavia, where his use of accessories to complete his personal style has made him a style icon.

This spring, Danish eyewear company PREGO is launching a new series of exclusive men’s sunglasses bearing Tom Kristensen’s name. The new series is created in collaboration with Tom Kristensen and features a range of technical details and materials of superior quality. The collection is aimed at the modern, style-conscious man who appreciates good design, fine materials and discrete details

“We have created a series of exclusive sunglasses that meet the modern man’s many wishes and needs. When you’re sitting behind the wheel, for example, it’s important that your sunglasses provide the right contrast to the sunlight, so your eyes can relax and you feel comfortable. For this reason, all eight designs in the series come with contrast-boosting brown lenses, which are perfect for driving. Several of the designs also feature little racing-inspired details. This is where I’ve left my mark on the collection,” explains Tom Kristensen.

On collaborating with PREGO, the former racing driver says:
“The collaboration arose because PREGO and I shared an interest in making an exclusive range of sunglasses for men. Not a unisex line, but a series of sunglasses designed by men and for men. And I am extremely pleased with the result we have achieved together.”
Created by a man with
petrol in his veins
9-times Le Mans winner & world champion
Created by style icon
Designed by men for men
sunglasses details inspired by racing

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